love notes contest runner-ups

congratulations colin & stephanie!

“Whatever’s Left”

It was a warm Autumn evening in 2002. The sun began to set on the University of Illinois campus as a group of roommates and neighbors approached the Union for some quality recreation. Just steps from the door, friends of friends converged into a jovial troupe of youthful exuberance. It was at that fateful time and place that Colin and Stephanie first met. The night was filled with billiards, the bloom of new friendships, and merrymaking. There was laughter; there was victory; and there was balancing a hat on a nose. Soon the night came to a close, and it was time for everyone to retreat to their dorms. After a brief walk across the quad, the group reached a fork in the road. Stephanie was to go left, and the others were to go right. Thinking fast, Colin made a decision that would change his life forever: he went left. As Colin and Stephanie stepped together to the east, they began their stroll into romance. Five years later, as they waded through the grandeur of Chicago’s northern neighborhoods, Colin and Stephanie found themselves with a choice: should they turn right, selecting Thai food for dinner? Or should they turn left and try an Italian restaurant with beckoning authenticity? The answer was clear. Over the past fifteen years, one decision to turn left has blossomed into love, a home, and a family. Ten of those years have been peppered with frequent and flavorful returns to their favorite Italian restaurant. With every bite, they remember the satisfaction of dozens of prior feasts - a satisfaction that strikes a chord resonating right to their hearts. They don’t just taste the pasta: they delight in the successes of their past and the promise of their future. Two lefts were right all along. Colin and Stephanie are engineers. Colin designs roads; Stephanie designs buildings. One day they’ll build a town. Until then, they’ll relish their life in the magnificent City of Chicago, just as they’ll relish their burrata, their bistro pizza and their blackboard delicacy at PR Italian Bistro. Stephanie can have the first bite; Colin will have whatever’s left. 

Out of an inability to choose just one winner, we created a runner-up category. Colin and Stephanie will receive a $100 PR Italian Bistro Gift Certificate along with an additional prize from Loews Chicago Hotel: Two Loews' Ultimate Doeskin Signature Bathrobes, "Constructed in a dual layer of finely brushed supersoft microfiber outer shell and combed cotton blended terry lining. Crafted with our signature pocket design and inside breast welt pocket, satin piping and very generous specifications. No other robe even comes close! Chadsworth & Haig, Pure Luxury."

Congratulations Colin and Stephanie and thank you for celebrating your Valentine's Day with us and allowing us to be a part of your lives.

-Juliana & Stefano

love notes contest winners

congratulations tyler, allyson & harvey!

"Our Engagement Story"

After 5 years, my plan to propose to Ally not only consisted of a ring…but also a puppy. We had been talking about it for years, but it felt like right time. It would be “our” dog. The search wasn’t easy…not the right look, too expensive, already been reserved…I heard it all. After a month, I finally found the perfect little guy. There was just one problem…he was in Pennsylvania. The distance wasn’t going to stop me, so I was going to fly him in. The plan was set: dog flies in on a Friday, I would propose the next day. That Friday morning I woke up to an email…they cancelled the flight. I thought my plan was ruined. I couldn’t accept a Plan B, so without thinking I jumped in my car at 9:00am, drove 12 hours alone to Pennsylvania, picked up the dog, drove 12 hours back on no sleep, and was in Chicago by 9:00am Saturday morning. I proposed with the dog (now named Harvey) right away…and she said “YES”! Later that night, we went to PR Italian Bistro with Ally’s sister and her husband to celebrate! That’s how much we love the food and service! I’ve never been awake for 40 hours in a row and/or driven half way across the country, but I would do it again and again for Ally. I love her so much and would do anything (or go anywhere) just to make her happy. But….with all that being said, a comfortable night stay at Loew’s would help me catch up on some of that sleep! We will be getting married in Summer of 2018!! 

Here's one of the best things about this story: Harvey will get to join in on the fun! Tyler, Allison and Harvey will come to dinner with their PR Italian Bistro $150 Gift Certificate where Harvey is welcome on our sidewalk cafe and then they'll all be transported by Loews' Private Audi Luxury Car to the gorgeous Mag Mile Loews Chicago Hotel where Harvey is welcome: "Upon check-in, every dog or cat receives welcome gifts and special treats. To help lighten your travel load, we can loan you pet beds and other pet accessories. At mealtime, don’t miss our gourmet room service pet menus developed by our in-house chefs in conjunction with a licensed veterinarian. We also provide dog-walking routes, pet-sitting or pet-walking services." How cool is that??

Many congratulations Tyler, Allyson and Harvey and thank you for celebrating your Valentine's Day and fantastic 'Love Note' with us.

- Juliana & Stefano